Our policy

Since 2011, ENCATC has set the goal to be an environmentally responsible organisation. For this scope, we work hard to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and we are dedicated to understanding, measuring, improving and communicating our environmental performances and engaging with our members and followers in this process.


To minimise our footprint on the Earth, here’s what we are doing to achieve our goal of being an environmentally responsible organization :

  • We disseminate documents and papers for meetings electronically (at least 80%);
  • We communicate with members and stakeholders with e-format newsletter and reports
  • We use only high capacity ink cartridges and recycled paper;
  • We make constant effort to use public transport, whenever possible, to cut down on fuel emissions;
  • We pay attention to stay in green hotels, whenever possible;
  • We encourage our staff and members to use when possible the “slow travel” rule for travelling;
  • We organising online meetings and phone-conferences when possible to cut down on travel;
  • We have subscribed exclusively for online and e-format advertising and promotional material;
  • We strive to use online services such as online banking, insurance and human resource services, wherever possible.

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