Thomassen Fund

The Thomassen Fund is a mobility fund aimed at enhancing the participation of member cultural management education and training institutions in ENCATC activities, enabling them to cooperate and develop projects by joining in ENCATC networking. The Fund was officially launched in May 1999 following a Board proposal approved by the General Assembly in Uppsala, Sweden in 1998. It was named in honour of Arild Thomassen, a former Board member who had died in a tragic accident several years earlier.

Support and encourage mobility

Objective & target

The objective of the Thomassen Fund is to  encourage mobility of cultural management educators in Europe, creating the conditions for better cooperation and partnerships between individuals and/or organizations. The Fund is open to individuals and organizations based in countries with significant structural financial challenges.

The Thomassen Fund targets ENCATC members and to those preparing for  membership. It allows colleagues to cooperate, to learn from each other, and to improve their respective skills and competences i.e. through participation in "training the trainers" seminars, development of new educational tools, participation in thematic conferences etc.

The Thomassen Fund provides three types of grants:

  • Travel grants to attend the General Assembly (open to member and exceptionally to non-member institutions, particularly those on their way to full membership).
  • Travel grants to attend other ENCATC meetings (for support of member institutions only, to facilitate the development of projects and to attend network meetings, workshops and working groups).
  • Matching grants towards membership fees (open only to full member institutions), especially those who have early financial difficulty in meeting their obligations as members.

Facts & figures


Thanks to the Thomassen Fund between 1999 and 2003, 76 people have received travel grants and have travelled, met colleagues, learned from experience elsewhere and started and continued the face-to-face networking process which is so valuable in questions of cultural management and development. 42 organizations / institutions have received matching grants and have had the opportunity to join ENCATC and to share and develop information, ideas and contact


Between 1999 and 2004 the Thomassen Fund invested a total of 70,581 EURO in people and organizations / institutions from Central and Eastern Europe.

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