Recognizing extraordinary achievements in cultural management and policy

For over 30 years, ENCATC is committed to the continuous advancement of education, research and policy in culture. On top of the many activities and products the network offers, a specific awards scheme was set to recognize and make visible extraordinary achievements in cultural management and policy.

Recognizing and awarding the most prominent interventions in culture is key to showcase new knowledge, best practices and inspiring minds in the sector. By strengthening emerging researchers' careers and giving the deserved credit to well established professionals, ENCATC ensures the sustainability and reinforcement of the competitiveness of the culture and creative sectors.

ENCATC grants the Research Award on Cultural Management and Policy, on annual basis, and the Award for Outstanding Contribution to cultural management, education, research, and policy, on biennial basis. Both recognitions include ceremonies held in the frame of ENCATC's annual congress. Explore the sections to learn more on each award's concept, aims, benefits, eligibility and updates!