ENCATC offers its members opportunities to enhance and strengthen their knowledge, skills, competencies and abilities through a wide range of activities and projects. On an institutional level, ENCATC uses its knowledge and experience as a European network to facilitate other cultural organisations in becoming more established and prominent European players. ENCATC also coordinates a high level pool of experts for a peer-to-peer learning exchange inside and outside the network.

European projects

ENCATC is actively involved in transnational cultural projects on a variety of topics from training for cultural managers, museum audiences, digital exhibitions, artistic mobility and more! 

ENCATC Academies

ENCATC Academies offer intensive learning programmes on a variety of topics within the field of arts and culture, cultural policy, and cultural management education. The aim is to deliver quality building capacity offers to participants who will further develop their knowledge and expertise in a particular field and acquire tools and practical skills to use in their professional careers. Learning opportunities may include and are not limited to: highly renowned experts, practitioners and decision makers from Europe and beyond to share their knowledge and best practices, leading academics and researchers providing insight into the latest academic research trends, local cultural operators giving study visits and guided tours for a deeper understanding of day-to-day operations, and much more. Last but not least, ENCATC Academies are an ideal occasion for participants to  expand their personal and professional networks in a multicultural environment and establish future project partnerships.

ENCATC Breakfast

ENCATC is strongly committed to promote a significant advance in the professionalization of the cultural sector to ensure its sustainability, adaptability and employability. The "ENCATC Breakfast" trainings are a unique opportunity for managers, cultural operators, artists and professionals to learn and make its own cultural organisation stronger, more capable and efficient.

ENCATC Study tours

ENCATC International Study Tours

ENCATC organises International Study Tours for academics, researchers, students, arts managers, policy makers, and artists who are interested in discovering a major international city and its dynamic cultural scene.

The Tour is enhanced by lectures and study visits that reveal the inner workings of the host city's vibrant and expanding cultural offer.

This experience is also a unique opportunity to learn and exchange with colleagues from Europe and beyond on cultural diplomacy, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship; gain a better understanding culture’s role in society; as well as develop collaborations and ties with universities, art organisations and cultural companies based in the host city.

ENCATC European Study Tours

ENCATC regularly organises European Study Tours for ENCATC students in Brussels. The aim of the European Study Tour is to provide participants with a unique, first-hand experience of the workings of European organisations.

Unique learning programmes are developed catering to the needs of different student groups and often include meetings with managers, directors and specialists from cultural organisations from in Brussels, meetings and lectures with experts who are involved in the daily implementation of European and local Belgian cultural policy making and visits to some of Brussels' flagship cultural institutions and historic sites. These future cultural managers have the opportunity to discover a multicultural, multilingual and multinational European capital, contributing to the development of mutual understanding, trust and tolerance.

With this new initiative ENCATC looks forward to new opportunities to welcome students in Brussels to contribute to internationalize of their careers and to foster mobility across European countries and beyond.

Do you want to ENCATC organise a European Study Tour for your students? Please contact Giannalia Cogliandro Beyens (g.cogliandro[@]

ENCATC Evaluation Working Sessions

The ENCATC Evaluation Working Sessions were created to share evaluation experiences of transnational cultural projects and networks subsidized by EU and improve methodologies as well as to identify rigorous indicators for successful cooperation and share them with EU and international organisations.

Evaluation has become a more and more crucial matter for public authorities and professionals in cultural field. Several ENCATC members are involved in the evaluation of European projects subsidized by Creative Europe, Erasmus+, Horizon 2020 or other transnational programmes of European Commission. They have to develop methodologies to help arts and cultural managers to implement the evaluation process. At the same time, several European networks are looking for best practices on evaluation and monitoring. Upon several occasions they have expressed the need to create a space for exchange and mutual learning. The European Commission is also working on finalising its own evaluation policy for the Creative Europe programme. The feedback from the beneficiaries and cultural experts is very important for the finalisation and validation the EC’s work. All of these factors are contributing reasons for the need of a working group on the evaluation of international and European transnational projects.


ENCATC grants cover mobility and/or participation fees to promote learning and professional exchanges of ENCATC members and close partners. On an exceptional basis grants may be offered to non members. 

ENCATC Praxis website

To foster the reform, modernisation of the education systems ENCATC has launched in 2018 the PRAXIS website  and manages a number of mobility programs and run a mobility Fund.