Influence Policy

ENCATC develops and influences policies by engaging in advocacy actions through partnerships, advice, policy recommendations, consultations, meetings and public speeches. Since 1992, ENCATC is a key partner for constructive dialogue with UNESCO, the Council Of Europe, the European Commission, the Europian Parliament and Member States. In 2011, to press Europe to invest more in cultural heritage, ENCATC joined the Alliance 3.3.

Annual Policy Debates

Every year, ENCATC engages in a policy debate with the aim of identifying new business models, innovative funding schemes and investment practices in the cultural and creative sector. ENCATC members, academics, researchers, cultural operators, policy makers, economics experts and students are invited to attend.

Providing Expertise

ENCATC provides expertise in the development and implementation of European and national policies, legislation and programmes of interest for cultural education and training institutions.

European Heritage Alliance 3.3

Creative Europe

Creative Europe is the new EU programme dedicated to the cultural and creative sectors and is expected to run from 2014-2020. With the ambition to provide policy makers with an overview of the reactions from the cultural and creative sector, ENCATC has collected and mapped the responses to the European Commission’s “Creative Europe” proposal.

So far we have collected more than 15 position papers written by cultural stakeholders and regional authorities representing a wide range interests across the sector. ENCATC will continue to add more position papers as they become available in order to provide policy makers and the general public with a central resource and overview of responses.

ENCATC response to Creative Europe :

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