Through a major international Annual Conference, thematic forums, projects, activities, and events, ENCATC enables academics, researchers, cultural professionals, artists and policy makers and students to operate transnationally, find new audiences, share ideas, projects, methodologies, experiences and research.

Annual Congress

ENCATC is very active in the organisation of annual congress on arts, culture and heritage management training related issues. These congress are often organised within the framework of the ENCATC's annual members’ meetings

ENCATC Cultural Happy Hours

The “ENCATC Cultural Happy Hours” is an initiative of ENCATC, the leading European network on cultural management and policy, in partnership with the Creative Europe Desks Wallonie-Bruxelles and Vlaanderen. Launched in February 2013, this is a series of cultural evenings where representatives from the cultural, business, and educational sectors are invited to enjoy an informal occasion to network and exchange ideas.

This  project aims to catalyse international partnerships, cross sectorial exchanges, collaborations and knowledge transfers among networks and organisations acting in the field of arts and culture based in Brussels, strengthen the Belgian artistic and cultural scene and its European projects by enlarging their audience, connect with a variety of stakeholders based in Brussels through culture, and create innovative partnerships among cultural, business and education sectors.

The initiative targets arts and cultural networks based in Brussels, Belgian arts and culture organisations, MEPs, EU civil servants, representatives of Regions, Institutes of culture, etc. Special editions of the ENCATC Cultural Happy Hours have also been organised in Paris, Barcelona, and Venice.