2019 ENCATC Research Boot Camp - Governance

Dijon, France

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The 2nd of October in Dijon, France was the launch of the first edition of the ENCATC Research Boot Camp at ENCATC annual Congress. This new project grew from the format of the previously organised ENCATC Young and Emerging Researchers’ Forum. The evolution was a response to the demand to offer emerging researchers more time to work together and learn from senior peers.

 The aim of the Boot Camp was twofold. First, it was to give young PhD researchers the opportunity to learn by doing for how to design a learning programme. Second, was for cultural management students to have the possibility to improve their capacities to write a project and communicate it to an international audience.

 The working themes selected for the projects to be developed by the students were the same that were elaborated for the ENCATC Academy on Culture External Relations held in November 2019 in Taiwan. These covered areas like: Culture and Anthropocene: The Energy and Ecological Sustainability of Cultural Intermediaries; Spirit and Challenges between Public Sphere and Cultural Equality; and From Globalization to Localization.

 Committed to promoting the international career of a young researcher at the Boot Camp, ENCATC bestowed a mobility grant to Ana Letunić, doc.art. to speak at the Academy’s session “Cultural Intermediaries: Governance and Future Research” as the 2019 ENCATC Research Boot Camp winner. 

2019 ENCATC Research Boot Camp - Governance