2020 ENCATC-AAAE-TACPS Global Conversation

New York City, United States

Higher education and internationalisation strategies

AAAE Conference / Coronavirus Impact / Travel to NYC in May

The 2020 AAAE Conference (that includes the 2020 Global Conversations) is proceeding as planned, but the AAAE Board suggests you check the refund policy when purchasing air travel and hotel accommodations. Frommer's offers some good travel planning tips here in light of Caronavirus. 

The 2020 edition, hosted by Baruch College in NYC, the Global Conversation will open the debate on the core mission of universities that today is arguably the production of graduates who can ultimately work, live and contribute as productive citizens in what is an increasingly fluid and borderless global context. 

Amidst increasingly diverse student populations, local and international contexts, concerns with equality and diversity and the quality of education have prompted many universities to (purposefully) develop internationalisation strategies.

The Panel’s discussion will report on: 

  • the impacts of internationalization in the discipline focusing on the curriculum – content, understandings, skills, attitudes, not least reflexivity;
  • learning and teaching processes and questions around how to cater for diverse student cohorts; 
  • employability and, in the same vein, how to prepare diverse student cohorts to work in and become citizens of the global world. 

More details to come and registration to open in 2020!


The ENCATC-AAAE-TACPS Global Conversation was first designed in 2017 by ENCATC, the Association of Arts Administration Educators (AAAE) and the Taiwan Association of Cultural Policy Studies (TACPS) as result of the Memorandums of Understanding signed by the 3 organisations in 2016 (AAAE) and 2017 (TACPS). 

This bi-annual exchange at the AAAE Conference in May and at the ENCATC Congress in October is meant to offer an international platform for a global debate on education on cultural management and policy. 

2020 ENCATC-AAAE-TACPS Global Conversation