2021 Arts & Cultural Management Conference


REvisiting Borders

This year's ENCATC Capacity Building Days and Youth in Action Day took place in the format of a conference for students and emerging professionals. The 2021 Arts & Cultural Management Conference "REvisiting Borders" took place online from 28-30 January. It was an opportunity to offer students studying cultural management and policy at ENCATC member institutions an engaging space to meet with other students and emerging professionals to explore, question, and discuss together.

The focus of the conference was on borders. Borders can be physical, digital, imagined, and cultural, to name just a few. They can empower yet restrict. They give definition but also create limitations. The discussions centered around what borders mean in today’s world, especially within the arts and culture field.

As part of its contribution to the conference, ENCATC held an open call to its members to be keynote speakers at the event. This resulted in 3 educators from Ireland, Spain and the United States and one artist from Italy sharing their perspectives on the topics of: Revisiting borders, Resilience and Covid19: Rethinking the role of the artist in the society, REinterpret and Audience Development and Culture-as-Vocation and Democratic Cultural Policy, and Inventing Point B: Reimagining Collaboration and Restitution Using Blockchain Technologies.

The success of the collaboration also resulted in a continued collaboration between ACMC and ENCATC for future editions.

Learn more about this conference and its themes here: http://acmconference.com/

2021 Arts & Cultural Management Conference