2021 ENCATC Academy on Cultural Relations


Raphaela Henze

Professor, Heilbronn University, Germany

Raphaela Henze is professor of Cultural Management at Heilbronn University in Germany and Co-Investigator of the Arts & Humanities Research Council funded, international and transdisciplinary network Brokering Intercultural Exchange (www.managingculture.net). Her main research focus is on the impacts of globalization and internationalization on cultural management and cultural management education. Raphaela has published and lectured widely on issues concerning transcultural cultural management and on the social impacts of arts and cultural projects. She has published the first book on international arts management in the German language. The English translation ‘Introduction to International Arts Management’ appeared in 2017 at VS Springer. She has taught at universities in Spain, Poland, Denmark, and the USA. Her new book on cultural management and policy in Latin America will appear at Routledge in May https://www.routledge.com/Cultural-Management-and-Policy-in-Latin-America/Henze-Escribal/p/book/9780367622695