2022 Academy on sustainable cultural management and policy

Online and in Maastricht, Netherlands

The ENCATC “Academy on sustainable cultural management and policy” is instrumental to equip the members and the Cultural Management and Cultural Policy community with new competences and skills to face common challenges and innovate. 

The 2022 edition of the Academy will provide two complementary teaching modules: one on Cultural Relations & Climate Action (2 days) and one Green Communication in digital age (2 days). 

The ENCATC Academy will also provide a safe space for the meeting of different articulations of cultural relations organisations, networks and individuals to engage in specialised discussions enabling the development of mutual and useful learning for the sector. It will seek to break traditional divides in discussions and practice between, for example, foreign/national cultural relations institutes and arts organisations.

 ENCATC is well placed to be that hub, since as a membership organisation, it brings together a wide range of organisations from different corners of the world with expertise on the practice of arts management and cultural policy, areas at the core of the cultural relations sector. For over 10 years, the co-creation and delivery of its academies in collaboration with Goldsmiths, University of London, pioneers in cultural relations higher education, and local partners provides the track record that evidences a secure reputation and knowledge of the field.

2022 Academy on sustainable cultural management and policy