2022 Young and Emerging Researchers Forum

Antwerp, Belgium

Are you a researcher entering the cultural management and cultural policy field? The ENCATC Young and Emerging Researchers Forum (YERF) offers you a unique programme specifically designed for the new generation of talented researchers to advance in their careers and enlarge their network in Europe and beyond, led by renowned researchers and professionals who will share their knowledge and experience on crucial matters for those entering the field.

This year, on its 15th edition, the YERF will take place on 17 October 2022 in Antwerp, Belgium, and its programme will include two plenary and two workshop format sessions, in which participants will be accompanied by leading scholars to explore issues such as building an international research career and reaching an international audience via academic writing . Renowned professionals from the academic publishing sector will join the conversation to provide practical guidance and tips to get your research published in high impact publications.

The YERF is part of the 2022 ENCATC Congress on Cultural Management and Policy and those attending the Forum are entitled to enjoy the full Day 1 (17 October) of the Congress, which will take place in Brussels and includes a keynote speech on "The Challenges and Opportunities of Internationalisation" by Bernd Fesel, Director of the European Creative Business Network, as well as the panel in response to the keynote. 

Participants are strongly encouraged to also attend the rest of the 2022 ENCATC Congress, which will extend to the 18 and 19 October in Brussels with an extensive programme on "Internationalization in focus: theoretical, strategic and management perspectives in education, research, policy, and practice". Participation to the Congress requires separate registration. 

ENCATC is proud to offer the Young and Emerging Researchers Forum as a contribution to the European Year of Youth fostering visibility, exchange and networking for the new generation of cultural management and cultural policy researchers.

2022 Young and Emerging Researchers Forum