26th ENCATC Congress

Bucharest, Romania

Marjo Mäenpää

President of Compendium Board and Director of Cupore, Finland


I'm the Director of Cupore, a Center for Cultural Policy Research, maintained by the Foundation for Cultural Policy Research. My duties include the management and development of the Cupore, a research center run by the Foundation, the development of co-operation, the acquisition of research funding, the management of research projects, the monitoring of the general development of national and international cultural policy as well as its own research activities.  I am a cultural policy, research and education professional. I have worked at the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2013-2015 art director and responsibilities mm. gender equality, Finnish-Russian cultural cooperation, sustainable development and cultural accessibility as a cultural advisor. I was the first director of the Renewed Arts Promotion Center (2013). Previously, I worked as University of Art and media production teacher and digital media producer (1998-2006), Aalto University professor of digital media production (2006-2012) and Dean of the Pori Art and Media (2006-2009). I am a former publisher and CEO, whose cost Ltd specialized in Typhoon (1992-2004) Russian and East European literature. My doctoral dissertation at the University of Turku, in the field of digital culture, covered the narrations of furnituremaking (Co-Created Mobile Narratives, 2013).