5th ENCATC Working Group on Evaluation

Potsdam, Germany

Effie Amanatidou

Research Fellow, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research/AMBS/University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Dr. Effie Amanatidou is currently a Research Fellow at the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research/AMBS/University of Manchester. Effie has more than 15 years of experience in research and innovation policy analysis including in particular foresight studies and evaluation / impact assessment of research policies and programmes. Over the years she has collaborated with the European Commission as invited expert /rapporteur in Expert Groups as well as several European organisations (universities, consultancies, and research organisations) on several occasions addressing the evaluation and/or impact assessment of the EC Framework Programmes as well as various national or trans-national programmes and policies supporting research. Since 2015 she is leading the work performed by the Institute for ERA-LEARN 2020 (www.era-learn.eu) where she is developing a revised evaluation framework for trans-national partnerships/networks for research and innovation. Effie Amanatidou has been invited in several conferences as speaker and published in a number of scientific journals. (https://www.research.manchester.ac.uk/portal/effie.amanatidou.html