6th ENCATC Academy on Culture in External Relations

Brussels, Belgium

Marina Clauzet

Master's Student, University of Barcelona, Spain

Marina Clauzet is Brazilian, and graduated in Architecture and Town Planning, a field in which she worked for many years. She comes from a family of artists and has always had a great interest and a special bond with the arts. For 8 years, she lived in Australia, where she worked as an architect and also volunteered for a non-profit social enterprise, which supports refugee women and asylum seekers to become financially independent and settled in Australia. The stories, life experiences and daily contact with these women have brought her to a deep transformation. Her work for this organization made her desire grow to work with education and social inclusion of refugees and immigrants. In 2014, she left her work in architecture and travelled for 8 months in Asia, also visiting social and community projects. For her personally, art has always been a powerful tool for self-knowledge and she believes it is also a powerful tool for social transformation. In 2015, she moved to Barcelona, ​​where since then, she has been doing a Masters in Art Mediation: Art for Social Transformation, Social Inclusion and Community Development, at the University of Barcelona, where her research is related to themes such as arts, immigration and social transformation. Since last year she has been doing a traineeship in an organization that develops a project that contributes through arts to change the self-perception of children in excluded areas of Barcelona. She also volunteers for an institution, developing artistic activities with immigrant children in after school hours.