6th ENCATC International Study Tour to the Emirates

Abu Dhabi Mar 14 > 15 2017 // Dubai Mar 16 > 17 2017, United Arab Emirates

Nasif Kayed

Founder and CEO of The Arab Culturalist (UAE)

The Arab Culturalist is a cultural consulting firm providing business and institutional consultancy about Arab and Emirati culture and Cultural Intelligence. Nasif holds an Advanced Certification in CQ® from the Cultural Intelligence Center in the US where he lived for more than two decades. There, he established himself as a business entrepreneur and by 2007, had developed 40 companies and ventures in the US and Canada. He also donated his skills to coaching others on how to grow their business, and advised his business associates on how to relate in a multi-cultural business environments. He has since returned back to the region of his birth, and for 8 years served as the Managing Director and Lecturer at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding in Dubai, UAE. A dynamic and motivational speaker, his unique set of skills and business acumen are the perfect blend of experience and entrepreneurship which he used to grow the Cultural Tourism market in Dubai and is a frequent keynote speaker on the subject.