Capacity Building Days and Youth in Action Days

Venice, Italy


The aim of ENCATC Capacity Building Days and Youth in Action Day is to develop an interactive and intensive learning offer in order to increase youth and adult education professionals’ knowledge about the policies and programmes in the field of culture and education. This will allow for the exchange of experiences and good practices among the participants in terms of European project development and project management.

The methodology of the programme is mixed: part seminar, the participants will work self-directed, part will consist of study visits. There will be discussions and working groups. Participants will meet representatives from cultural institutions and organisations, which will give them the opportunity to discuss developments with them.

A dynamic three-day programme

These three days in Venice present a unique learning experience different from other offers currently available.

From covering theory and practice to having a holistic approach, the programme’s topics include:

  • Throle of a European network in the internationalization and  professionalization of the career of young cultural managersand operators
  • The role of UNESCO: policies and actions for the sustainability of cultural heritage
  •  The role of the Council of Europe in the area of culture and the new European Cultural Heritage Strategy for the 21st Century
  • How the arts sector interacts with cultural rights and human rights
  • How to place audiences at the centre of cultural organisations
  • Leadership and management for cultural organisations
  • Strategic culture-based design and innovative story telling
  • Innovative ideas for the preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage
  • Opportunities and challenges  for the sustainability of the cultural heritage
  • Training for cultural management: scenarios, practices, new challenges
  • Opportunities for building transnational projects with cultural operators and organisations from Europe and beyond

The topics addressed are complemented by interventions and presentations of projects, best practice, and experiences from professionals and experts working in the field of culture and heritage.

There will also be many networking opportunities for participants to exchange with peers and expand professional networks. To further foster professional networking, on the evening of 16 May ENCATC is organising its 37th Cultural Happy Hour with a walking tour of some of the Venice Biennale pavilions and a glass of wine.

Programme & details

Capacity Building Days and Youth in Action Days