Days of Heritage and Tourism for Youth

Hvar, Croatia

“Days of heritage and tourism for youth” is a national meeting on tourist culture in the European Year of Cultural Heritage and in the year of celebrating 150 years of organised tourism in Hvar.

It is the place where civil education professional conference meets the 11th tourism culture festivals exhibiting the works of students from all over the country. This year's theme is “Croatan language golden formula ČA-KAJ-ŠTO”.

The Golden formula was coined by Croatian poet and diplomat Drago Štambuk, who promotes it over the years. ČA-KAJ-ŠTO (WHAT): synonyms, showing linguistic Croatian property through three equal idioms: chakavian, kajkavian and štokavian i.e. Standard Croatian.

Aims of this national meeting are to educate the youngest generations about the importance of heritage education and protection with the aim of preserving the identity. 

The event gives an opportunity for young generations to meet and exchange their projects and activities as well as getting acquainted with the cultural and historical heritage of Hvar on the spot, as well as of other parts of Croatia through the presentations by students. The main point is to raise the awareness of the youngest and teach them how to preserve their own heritage and identity, at the same time making them conscious of others.

High patronage:

President of Croatia Mrs. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović


State Administration Office in the County of Split and Dalmatia

ProKultura – Observatory of Cultural Policies - Split 

Elementary School Hvar

Partners in organization:

Agency for Education of the Republic of Croatia

ENCATC – The European network on cultural management and policy

 Partners, donors and hosts of the project:

City of Hvar

Hotels Sunčani Hvar

Organizational committee:

Nansi Ivanišević, Nevenka Lončarić- Jelačić, Alma Rovis Brandić, Tomislav Ogrinšak, Nada Jeličić, Duško Kovačić, Vesna Bulić Baketić,

Mejra Kaliterna, Doria Gjurković

Days of Heritage and Tourism for Youth