ENCATC Breakfasts

Brussels, Belgium

Invest in your professional development and make your organisation stronger


Interactive and informative, the ENCATC Breakfast trainings are concentrated and to-the-point. Designed for busy professionals, ENCATC’s method will allow you to: gain knowledge from leading experts to improve performance; deepen your understanding of new tools, methods, and concepts; learn new skills to make your organisation stronger and more resilient; invest to grow in your career; expand and internationalise your professional network and find trustworthy partners for your projects. 

This is a unique Lifelong Long Learning activity designed for arts and cultural managers and operators, academics, artists and professionals in the network. In particular, topics for young managers and young staff will be privileged. ENCATC Breakfasts will be offered quarterly. 

For the first time since the ENCATC Breakfasts were launched in 2014, this activity will be organised on the format of a Webinar and co-produced with ENCATC members. 

ENCATC Breakfasts
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