ENCATC Members Talks 2021


TOPIC #13 - Immersive technologies at the service of European culture and heritage: opportunities and innovation

This ENCATC Members Talk on 29 January from 14:30-15:30 (CET) aims to explore how to strengthen European collaborations between actors of the cultural world, immersive technology professionals (H2020 project), and the video game, leisure, tourism and education industries to help increase the impact and visibility of World Heritage preservation actions. 

During the 12th edition of the World Immersion Forum STEREOPSIA 2020, a culture track was created to contribute to this ambitious goal. For the next edition, it will unite, connect, inspire, train and accompany decision-makers and cultural institutions in their physical transformation. To this end, it is the aim to invite the members of the ENCATC network to become official cultural partners of the 2021 programme. 

Stereopsia is the World Immersion Forum dedicated to immersive technologies and content. Created in 2009 in Belgium, it will hold its first Latin American edition in April 2021.  Stereopsia Europe features keynotes, thematic conferences, awards competitions, a content booster lab, B2B, an exhibition, and XR demos.

The ENCATC Members Talks are open to members of ENCATC, AAAE and TACPS. 

This important topic was introduced by ENCATC honorary member, GĂ©raldine Bueken. 


The ENCATC Members Talks were launched in May 2020 as a new response created out of members' strong desire to explore together and pool knowledge to overcome pressing issues impacted by COVID-19 confinement. 

The aim is to share practical ways to come out of this crisis stronger and more united than ever before to ensure the best education on cultural management and policy. 

From the success of this initiative, the Members Talks have established the foundation for a long-term platform for exchanging of projects and any topics proposed by our members.

ENCATC Members Talks 2021


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