ENCATC Members Talks 2020


Complement, strengthen and enhance your teaching with /encatcSCHOLAR

The 10th ENCATC Members Talk "Complement, strengthen and enhance your teaching with /encatcSCHOLAR" will be on 16 October from 14:30-15:30 (CEST) for a lively conversation bringing together members of ENCATC, AAAE, and TACPS. 

In these COVID-19 times, educators and trainers are rethinking and revamping how and what they teach on cultural management and policy. The /encatcSCHOLAR provides new material in an easy to use visual format that will help enlarge teaching material stock.

The /encatcSCHOLAR is a free resource reference tools for education and lifelong learning on cultural management and cultural policies. It was launched in 2013 to satisfy the demand of ENCATC members academics, researchers and students to exchange teaching methodologies and knowledge to use in the classroom. 

On this occasion, ENCATC will also reveal the newest issue coming out later this October adding to the series that already includes 12 issues on a variety of topics under the umbrella of cultural management and cultural policy: cultural heritage, cultural diplomacy, sustainability, cultural networks, cultural and creative industries, evaluation, and more! 

The Members Talk will be moderated by ENCATC member and /encatcSCHOLAR editor, Cristina Ortega Nuere, CEO of 3Walks in Spain. To gain new inspiration and knowledge to advance teaching, engagement, and learning on cultural management and policy, we will also showcase best practices using this reference tool to: 

  • encourage participation and sharing in the creation of teaching materials;
  • offer suggestions about some basic and accurate methodological approaches related to how to  study emerging issues that affect public policies;
  • present and analyze case analysis in the classroom;
  • open debates on how to improve the management of the projects.


The ENCATC Members Talks were launched in May 2020 as a new response created out of members' strong desire to explore together and pool knowledge to overcome pressing issues impacted by COVID-19 confinement. 

The aim is to share practical ways to come out of this crisis stronger and more united than ever before to ensure the best education on cultural management and policy. 

From the success of this initiative, the Members Talks have established the foundation for a long-term platform for exchanging of projects and any topics proposed by our members.

ENCATC Members Talks 2020