ENCATC Members Talks - How can we become better in audience development?


On 17 September from 14:00-15:30 CEST the 18th ENCATC Members Talk will focus on "How can we become better in audience development?”

This event aims to build on the capacity building activities, namely Academy Camps and podcasts, carried out under the  Capacity Building for European Capitals of Culture contract initiated by the European Commission to support capacity building and peer- learning activities for ECOCs.

The 'Audience Development' topic emerged as one of the main issues during the mapping and analysis of the capacity building needs of the delivery bodies of present and future ECOCs. In this regard, Interarts organised the first Academy Camp on audience development, directed to Elefsina's 2021 delivery team and other actors of the cultural and social life of this Greek city, as well as participants from other ECOCs. Shortly after, a podcast series  was launched featuring five experts delving into the topic, discussing various aspects and sharing their insights.

The ENCATC Members Talk on “How can we become better in audience development?”  is an interactive format intended so a wider audience can join and engage in discussion. It aims to bring together experts, who took part in the Academy Camps (AC) and/or podcasts on Audience Development (1st AC and podcast series), ECOC delivery teams, actors from CCIs and other stakeholders to discuss and share on topic. 

Participants are also strongly encouraged to attend the 19th ENCATC Members Talk to follow just after starting at 16:00 on 17 September on the topic of "What are the digital challenges and opportunities for future ECOC’s cities?”

The ENCATC Members Talks are a space for members and partners to learn and  exchange  about projects and topics of interest for our membership. In this case, ENCATC, thanks to its involvement in this project, is offering the opportunity to its membership and the wider community to learn and exchange with high level experts on the topic of Audience Development to enlarge their practical knowledge, improve their teaching, and deepen their research in this area.

The partners of the project include: Association Européenne pour l’Information sur le Développement Local (AEIDL) – Lead partner; Culture Action Europe (CAE), Interarts – Fundació Interarts per a la cooperació cultural internacional; European network on cultural management and policy (ENCATC); and United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) 

Previous ENCATC Members Talks


The ENCATC Members Talks were launched in May 2020 as a new response created out of members' strong desire to explore together and pool knowledge to overcome pressing issues impacted by COVID-19 confinement. 

The aim is to share practical ways to come out of this crisis stronger and more united than ever before to ensure the best education on cultural management and policy. 

From the success of this initiative, the Members Talks have established the foundation for a long-term platform for exchanging of projects and any topics proposed by our members.

ENCATC Members Talks - How can we become better in audience development?