ENCATC Members Talk #2


TOPIC #2: Innovative methodologies and tools for teaching in the performing arts

The recording and related materials are accessible to the membership in the Members Area. 

The ENCATC Members Talk N°2 took place online on 22 May from 14:30 - 15:30 (CEST).

Teaching the performing arts online during the lockdown imposed in many countries put forth specific obstacles especially when students could no longer access equipment, theatres and studios. In conversation with members of ENCATC, AAAE, and TACPS and moderated by ENCATC member, Lidia Varbanova, it was the opportunity to look into the questions of: How are members coping? What alternatives have they been able to put in place? What does this mean for teaching the performing arts going forward?

Participants from around the globe enriched the discussions with their experiences about innovative online education tools and methodologies.

ENCATC Members Talk #2