ENCATC Members Talk - Cultural Heritage and Digital Transformation


Maria Bäck

Senior Lecturer, Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Maria   Bäck   (MSc.   (Econ.)   FRSA)   is   currently   Degree   Program   Director   for   Cultural Management  at Arcada  University  of Applied  Sciences.  Her main  interests  in research  are in Cultural leadership  and Organizational  studies. Involved  in the Royal Society for the Encouragement  of Arts, Manufactures  and Commerce  and acting as connector  for the Finnish chapter  international  networking  and  design  thinking  is  also  of  great  importance  both  for educational reasons but also for developing society at large. Maria has also for many years been involved in different projects connecting  arts in both business and public Organizations.  Maria has also been involved in ENCATC– being board member and treasurer between the years 2014 and 2017.