ENCATC Members Talk - Hybrid Cultural Programme Models


Imanol Galdos

Assistant Manager, Donostia Kultura, Spain

Assistant Manager of Donostia Kultura, the Culture Department of the City of San Sebastian. Responsible for international affairs and representative of the institution in international networks

More than 33 years experience in public administration, in several responsibilities. Long career in Education, Media, Culture and Politics.

Researcher, professor, lecturer, speaker and writer on issues related to diaspora, local governance, public diplomacy, culture policy, foreign policy, public communication, minority languages and cultures.

Researcher and visitor at Boise State University (Boise, Idaho, United States, 2017 and 2018). The research I completed was on the  role of culture policy in the local governance and cities: the cases of Boise and San Sebastian.

Former Assistant Professor at the University of Reno-Nevada (Nevada. United States (1990-1991).

Coordinator of Other Words/Beste Hitzak, a programme co-funded by Creative Europe, European Union, dealing with small and minority languages (Basque, Slovene, Macedonian, Irish and Frisian).

Member of the Committee of LIKE (European Cities and Regions for Culture) and representative of the city of Donostia at ECOC (European Capitals of Culture).

Degree in Basque Philology and Law.

Master in Public Administration

Master in Interpretation and Translation.

Doctoral Studies in International Studies, Public Law and Conflict and cooperation in today's global society.

Currently working on PhD project dealing with the Basque Diaspora in the United States: Analysis of its role in the articulation of Basque Public Diplomacy (Paradiplomacy): Boise and Reno as paradigms.