ENCATC Members Talk - Hybrid Cultural Programme Models


Savina Tarsitano

Visual Artist, ESPRONCEDA Institute of Art & Culture, Spain

Savina Tarsitano, I am an Italian visual artist, from Calabria, I am curios, eclectic, globetrotter, my main interests are culture, International relations, social change, art, social integration, education, local community, to follow all that I become, an artist, curator, artistic director, member of the European Culture Parliament (ECP), ambassador of the Third Paradise of Michelangelo Pistoletto and Cittadellarte, International coordinator of the International Peace Children project Kids-Guernica inspired to Picasso, co-founder and the artistic director of the Institute of Art & Culture Espronceda, responsible and curator of the Art prize on the best practice in contemporary art for young artists before to enter in the art market between Espronceda and the Royal Fine Arts Academy of Brussels, member of jury and curator of Arte Laguna Prize of Venice and of the Swab Art Fair in Barcelona, and at least not least founder of the project Creativity in Motion for social integration and the new project on Art & Sustainability in village from Nepal to Calabria and across the world in collaboration with the professor Takuya Kaneda form the University of Tokyo. I share my life between Calabria, Barcelona, Brussels, Japan and Cuba.

My research hinges on the concept of landing-place. I spent creative periods in “theme-sites” like islands, abbeys, castles across the world. My works, executed using varied techniques, are incarnate - ingrown visions arising from perceived relation with the place, the environment, conceived itself as a visual space. My main research is on the relation between cultural heritage and contemporary art through site installation in historical monuments local community, how to bring contemporary art in village and public spaces.

I obtained scholarships and artistic residencies in Europe, Asia, USA, and Brazil among them: Bogliasco Foundation from New York, the European project Et in Arcadia Ego, the Greenland Upernavik Museum, the Casa Caldera, Brazil, the European and Chinese art center in Xiamen, the Odyssey Program set up by ACCR Paris and financed by the French Ministry for culture and Communication for artistic residency at the: "Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art of Suomenlinna (NIFCA)" in cooperation with the "Governing Body of Suomenlinna, Finland"; "Cultural Association Hopital Caroline" on the island of Frioul, France; the "Caribbean Art Center Fonds Saint-Jacques on the island of Martinique, the "Centre Culturel de Rencontre Ambronay".

In 2018 I obtained the label in occasion of the European Year of Culture Heritage, thanks to her artistic research on “Emotional Architecture”, the relation between historical monuments and contemporary art, carried out of 15 years and with the cooperation of the Institute of Art & Culture Espronceda,

Her works have been widely exhibited in Europe, Asia, and the USA. I collaborated for the cover pages of the books: “Social Rights in Europe” published by the Oxford University and the book on the European Constitution curated by G. Amato, H. Bribosia; and De Witte published by Bruylant edition, Brussels.. My main exhibitions including the participation at the 54 Biennial of Venice, Pavilion Italy/Calabria, Biennial of Havana, Cuba, the National Museum of Tokyo, the National Museum Bali, Ubud. Among my main project “the lights of the stones” in collaboration with the Romanian poet Dinu Flamand a dialogue between poetry and photography and thank to the cooperation of the Rumanian Institute they presented their project in several countries. Dinu Flamand published several poetry anthologies in five European languages illustrated by my photography works. I collaborated also with the American composer Morris Rosenzweig, the theatre Catalan director Albert Mestres and the Maestro Marco Misciagna on the multidisciplinary approach on the contemporary art. I am investigating on a new project the “Aesthetic of the Nature” and the relation between Calligraphy and Contemporary art and nature started this year in Japan.

In 2008 have been nominated member of the European Culture Parliament for my artistic achievements and her involvement in projects connected with local community and social change and the role of the artist nowadays in the society.

Since 2006 I founded the project/platform “creativity in motion” for a social integration and transformation with local communities, and on the importance of art and education. I cooperated with schools, art centre, culture associations, universities, local community around the world. In particularly thanks her project developed in Martinique, Caribbean island, I have been nominated in 2012 Ambassador of the Third Paradise project of the Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto and Cittadellarte/Fondazione Pistoletto. Since than I organised more than 100 events connected with the project Third Paradise of Pistoletto, on social change, and the role of the artist in particularly in Japan, Cuba, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Indonesia, Cambodia, USA, Mauritius island.

Since 2005 I am cooperating actively with the International children for peace project Kids-Guernica inspired to the work Picasso “Guernica” I curated and organised several exhibitions, workshops around the world on art and education in obtaining the nomination of the European coordinator of the project. Since 2013 I am cooperating with the children language school Tutti Frutti of Brussels. My main teaching courses are “art and education” focusing on how to learn a foreign language through art history. I am also one the curators and founders of the collaborative canvases  by Kids Guernica and Third Paradise Michelangelo Pistoletto together with the artist Takuya Kaneda of Tokyo, Japan. I had the pleasure to work and training more than 5000 thousand children and young people across the world. From 2014 I go regularly in Japan for project with local community and my exhibition and from 2015 in Cuba in collaboration with the Third Embassy of Third Paradise of Havana…..and something more…