Expedition in Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol, United Kingdom

SORMENA Peer Reviewing

In the framework of the SORMENA Peer Reviewing project, the University of Deusto and ENCATC had designed two expeditions in Dortmund (Ruhr, DE) and Bristol (UK). Through these expeditions the organisers invited academics, representatives from public administrations, and artists to play an active role.

This is a project in which the challenges for the assessment of the impact of culture become a way of experiencing the interdisciplinary activity of academics, artists, administrators and citizens. Be part of this unique collaboration all while discovering some of Europe’s most vibrant creative hubs.

The expeditions in Dortmund and Bristol was in

  • technical visits to four CCIs located in the very heart of the cities’ creative centres
  • a focus group on the impact of CCIs on local development
  • the opportunity to learn about current trends and future development on different social impacts, evaluation approaches, indicators, and methodologies of CCIs in Europe
  • participation in an international exchange of ideas and cooperation projects
  • networking with leading academics, researchers, practitioners and artists coming from different countries

The results of the project was presented during the Final Summit in Bilbao (Spring 2016). The Summit will include technical visits to CCIs in the metropolitan area of Bilbao, as well as meeting with local agents.


Isabel Verdet:  isabel.verdet@deusto.es

Expedition in Bristol, United Kingdom