ENCATC Working Group meeting on "Monitoring and Evaluation of International and European Transnational Projects"

Lyon, France

This meeting will reflect and mirror the expectations of project leaders and co-operators of European cultural projects. Representatives from cultural organisations running projects such as Ambronay (eeemerging), Arty (We are Europe), and the Orchestra of Picardie (ONE is more) will share their experiences and insight with participants. It will also build on discussions and exchanges on methods and good practices on the topic of evaluation.

ENCATC Working Group meeting on Evaluation

The meeting will be taking place in the framework of the European Lab Forum 2017, thus presenting the opportunity to discuss the meeting's topics in the larger context of culture, creation, innovation, new media and entrepreneurship. 

Key questions:

  • What are their objectives as professional actors in a sector?
  • Which indicators do they use?
  • What are their evaluation practices?

Public officials (local, regional, European), ENCATC members, Working Group members, heads of networks, and professional union representatives. 

The European Lab forum

As a Working Group participant, you will get free accreditation for 25 and 26 May to attend the European Lab two-day conference. What is the European Lab? It is a two-day gathering in Lyon to decrypt big mutations of our epoch and to imagine the culture of tomorrow which has been the objective of the European Lab forum since 2010. At this event, you'll have over 100 speakers: authors, thinkers, artists, media and entrepreneurs on conferences, workshops, performances and inspiring meetings. 

In an interdisciplinary and forecasting approach, the forum takes the themes up like the city of tomorrow, the policy revival, the digital transformation, the place of media and the youth in the democratic recovery and the pop culture future. The European Lab forum invites the new generation of thinkers, projects leaders and citizens to join in the debate. Here some examples of Thursday afternoon: "From the smart city to the resilient metropolis" - Breathing Life Into Lisbon (case study) // Cultural Changemakers: Socially-conscious, Cost-efficient and Locally-coordinated: A New Form of Innovation. // "Trump's America - An Opportunity for a Galvanised Europe" // "Justice for Future Generations!".

You can find the whole two-day European Lab programme here and below more information about the Working Group meeting on 25 May.


Several members of ENCATC are involved in the evaluation of European projects subsidized by Creative Europe, Erasmus+, Horizon 2020 or other transnational programmes of the European Commission. They have to develop methodologies to help arts and cultural managers to implement the evaluation process. 

In October 2015, ENCATC members gathered in Lecce, Italy at the occasion of the 23rd General Assembly during which a workshop was held on “Monitoring and Evaluation” on international and European projects and on indicators for the evaluation of the impact of European networks. This new working group answers to the request of these ENCATC members to set up a working group to have the possibility to continue the discussions and exchanges on methods and good practices. 

Following the call for applications launched to members and followers on 25 May 2016, 40 applicants expressed their wish to be part of the working group. Led by ENCATC member, Pascale Bonniel Chalier from the University Lyon II in France, the aim is to gather academics, researchers, and cultural practitioners. This strong diversity of disciplines and backgrounds profiles enriches the group’s work as evaluation becomes more and more a crucial matter for public authorities and professionals in cultural field. 

On 25 October 2016 in Brussels, ENCATC held the group's kick-off meeting gathering 16 invited guests from higher education, cultural organisations and EU institutions to: (1) better understand the priorities of the Creative Europe programme in relation to the evaluation of both transnational cultural projects and European networks; (2) share evaluation experiences of transnational cultural projects subsidized by EU (Creative Europe programme and Eramsus +); (3) improve our current evaluation methodologies for International / European cultural projects and networks; and (4) identify rigorous indicators for successful cooperation and share them with EU and international institutions. 

ENCATC Working Group meeting on  "Monitoring and Evaluation of International and European Transnational Projects"
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