Post-Covid social media strategy, a special 6-part series


Christopher Hogg

Playwright and digital marketing consultant

Christopher Hogg is a playwright who uses the the medium of smartphones & tech to make sure his work gets to the widest audience possible. In 2018 he won best best BBC audio drama podcast for Rathband. This year he released Cassie & Corey - - A musical about Eating Disorders, that is going to be used in schools. To balance the precariousness of playwriting, Christopher is a lecturer in Creative and Social Media at Royal Holloway.

He is also part of the National Centre for Immersive Storytelling, Britain’s new centre of excellence for the teaching of Immersive Storytelling - - This is a government intervention to up-skill the Film & TV industry so that Britain’s skills in these areas are transferred to VR and AR. It runs until 2022.

Christopher also teaches playwriting at the University of London. He is presently writing a play about Chaironauts - The real people who tie Helium Balloons to their office chairs to see how high they can go. Since beginning this project he realises that we have all become Chaironauts, at our desks!

In 2017 he had the pleasure of writing a social media guide for ENCATC and is proud of his association.