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New membership applications are accepted throughout the year!

The membership fee period is  1 January – 31 December. 

For more details about the ENCATC membership conditions (affiliation, resignation, suspension and exclusion) please refer to the ENCATC Statutes, Title IV.


1. FULL MEMBERSHIP: higher education institutions  and training centres providing recognised education and training programmes on cultural management and policy

2. ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: organisations, institutions and networks playing a major role in the field of education and culture

3. SUPPORTING MEMBERSHIP: member states, associations, companies, etc. willing to support our organisation, activities or events

4. INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP - Professionals is accepted on ad hoc basis for former ENCATC members, artists, researchers, trainers  and cultural managers not currently affiliated to any institution or organisation.

5. INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP - Students are also eligible under this category if they meet the requirement of being enrolled full-time age, are 28 years of age or younger following full-time studies at the higher education institution within bachelor or master study programme.


To launch into 2022 in a collaborative spirit, AAAE and ENCATC are pleased to bring to your attention a limited-time offer, effective today and expiring on 31st of December, 2023!

For the time of the offer, current AAAE members are eligible to purchase one annual ENCATC membership at a 50% discount, and vice versa, current ENCATC's members are eligible to purchase one annual AAAE membership at a 50% discount.

Current ENCATC members seeking to become AAAE members, please follow this LINK to review membership levels, requirements, and benefits. Please apply the promotional code AAAE2022! to receive a 50% discount of the selected membership. АААЕ membership cycle starts on October 1st and ends on September 30th. AAAE will prorate the membership dues contingent on the date of joining and will then apply the 50% discount.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Dani Wyatt at

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