CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Launching the Twin Track programme in Audience Development.

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Launching the Twin Track programme in Audience Development.

CONNECT is a Knowledge Alliance project for Audience Development that promotes innovative cooperation between universities and enterprises in the cultural sector across Europe. The purpose of CONNECT is to bridge the gap between teaching in the academic/higher education world and Continuous Professional Development in the cultural sector for the promotion of best practices and a systemic growth around the topic of AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT.

A transnational team of higher education institutions, private cultural organisations and public sector gathers researchers, teachers and trainers from 6 national hubs in Spain, UK, Italy, Denmark, Poland and Belgium.


CONNECT is launching a call for an innovative training programme called Twin-Track Programme (TTP) based on the concept that postgraduate students and practitioners from cultural organisations work together on an audience challenge. The programme is based also on multidisciplinary training modules that both practitioners and students have to attend. The programme, mixing formal and informal learning methodologies and digital resources will CONNECT students and practitioners working in arts management to the cultural job market by developing entrepreneurship and leadership skills.

Who can take part?

This ‘twin-track’ course is for students and practitioners who are currently or potentially wanting to pursue a career in arts and cultural management and would like to learn how audience development strategies are developed in practice. It brings students and practitioners together in a process of mutual benefit in which each learns from each as well as from the taught element of the course. A mentoring programme will accompany and support both students and practitioners through the training.

Postgraduate Students. The programme is for students who aim to develop their career in the cultural sector, understanding the background, theories and principles of Audience Development as well as acquiring experience in developing a strategic vision and implementing these ideas in practice.

Practitioner Students. The programme is for cultural managers who wish to develop their practice and understanding of Audience Development (principles, strategic vision and planning) under a comprehensive and multidisciplinary perspective.

What will you learn?

  • Audience Development theory, practice and philosophy
  • How to understand your organisation
  • How to understand your audience
  • How to understand your audience
  • How to develop strategies and ideas
  • How to design your experiment and make the case
  • How to lead change
  • How to promote positive organisational change
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