For #EarthDay 2019 ENCATC releases special newsletter

For #EarthDay 2019 ENCATC releases special newsletter

From constant news and warnings from scientists on pressing issues of global warming, pollution, and resource depletion, it can be overwhelming to think of our planet’s future. In the past weeks and months, we have also seen young people across Belgium and Europe raise their voices and concerns on climate change. We know governments are creating policies, regulations are put in place, international accords are signed, but do you ever ask yourself: What can I do right now today that will make a difference? What actions may I implement in my own organisation to contribute to a more sustainable environment? How can I teach to my students to be responsible cultural managers?

To help our members and the greater cultural sector be engaged and leading actors on climate change, on this Earth Day 22 April 2019, ENCATC has released a special issue of its newsletter.

To begin, learn about the actions ENCATC is taking to reduce its carbon footprint. It is an action plan designed in 2011 to position our network as a leading organisation in terms of green policy and social corporate responsibility.

Next, thanks to our strategic cooperation with Julie's Bicycle and so we all can learn from this most advanced actor in the cultural sector, read the Creative Climate Movement series with 7 articles identifying creative climate trends on the topics of artwork, activism, organisational leadership, design and innovation, collaboration, path finding, and policy.

We also have two ENCATC in Contact interviews. First is with Iphigenia Taxopoulou, Associate Partner at Julie’s Bicycle and General Secretary at mitos21. After, we then talked to Christophe Guiho, the driving force behind Terriroires imaginaires, a French non-profit association helping to raise awareness for environmental protection through art and culture.

To continue our reflections, there is a special contribution on “(Some) Key Questions at the Crossroads of Culture and Environment for European Local Governments” from Agenda 21 Culture - United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG).

Finally, we’ve put together a rich collection of resources for you to deepen your knowledge on culture and environmental sustainability and to use in the classroom.

ENCATC convinced this issue is a timeless resource. With a shared commitment to ensure our planet’s sustainability, we will set new actions, policies, creative ideas, and education and training offers for a greener and brighter future for all.


Image: "Red Polar Bear" by Bjargey Ólafsdóttir -- Langjökull Glacier, Iceland: 26 November 2010 -- Artist Bjargey Ólafsdóttir created a "Red Polar Bear" on the Langjökull Glacier in Iceland as part of the 350 EARTH planetary art show. The image is painted with red organic food dye approved for environmental use. Photograph by Christopher Lund for EARTH. Photo via Flickr, CC BY -NC-SA 2.0.

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