What does ENCATC have in store for 2020?

What does ENCATC have in store for 2020?

Welcome to 2020, a fresh start to another year and a new decade!
During the last decade, we’ve all witnessed the increasing speed of change and how cultural management and policy has had to not only adapt, but also creatively design new opportunities and solutions in the face of developing politics, economies, society and technology. To face these challenges ENCATC's strategy for 2017-2020 was designed to enhance the network’s creative and leading role as the developer of new ideas and capacity builder at the intersection of education and culture; to grant culture a prominent role in the dissemination of European humanistic values; and to continue to advance the internationalization and globalization of the network.

In line with this period's strategic plan, the 2020 Work Programme was designed to foster capacity building and promote joint programmes among members; to reward excellence in research and test new evaluation methodologies; to continue building a knowledge society; to promote the internationalization of the network as well of the careers and programmes of our members.

The 2020 activities will be around the theme "Digital culture: media convergence, skills and knock-on effect” and as a geographical focus: Northern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. The cornerstone of our 2020 programming is the 28th ENCATC Congress on Cultural Management and Policy (28-30 October). Hosted in the culturally vibrant city of Prague, academics, trainers and researchers from the cultural management and policy educational fields with cross-disciplinary interests can mingle with professionals, policy makers and artists to bridge the knowledge gap, promote research esteem and the evolution of pedagogy. The programme will include keynote speeches, debates, panel discussions, study visits to inspiring cultural institutions as well as the 2020 ENCATC Research Award Ceremony, and the 2020 ENCATC Research and Education Session. 

In addition to the Congress, our ambitious 2020 activity programme is possible thanks to ENCATC having already established 34 partnerships in 16 countries! We will have international exchanges and events on topics of "The Economy of Culture” at The Culture Summit Abu Dhabi, “Cultural Relations between EU and Latin America and the Caribbean” during the ENCATC Academy, and EU policies in the cultural, scientific and social domains at the ENCATC Policy Debate. There will be opportunities for fieldwork in Lisbon at the ENCATC International Study Tour and debates on evaluation methods and practice for transnational cultural projects in our Working Group. For increased youth engagement, the ENCATC Research Boot Camp in Prague and the Capacity Building Days and Youth in Action Day in Stockholm will create new pathways for the next generation to get first-world experience in the cultural management and policy field. 
As the new European Commission headed by Ursula von der Leyen and the new European Parliament were established in 2019, this will start a new chapter in our long-standing relationship with policy makers. We look forward this year to having experts in our network share our vision and help shape culture and education policy at EU level! On the international stage, we will reinforce ENCATC's position as an NGO in official partnership with UNESCO by having the network more closely involved in UNESCO's activities and policies. We will also be working internationally with our partners AAAE and TACPS in our joint organisation of Global Conversations in Europe and the United States. 
ENCATC waits in anticipation to share what our collective efforts with members, partners, policy makers and loyal followers will generate for a more united, engaged and sustainable cultural community!

Join our community in 2020!

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