Upcoming SHIFT meeting at the House of European History on 16 October

Upcoming SHIFT meeting at the House of European History on 16 October

On 16 October, 2023, ENCATC is proud to partner with the House of European History Museum, HeH to welcome 16 European networks in Brussels at the occasion of the annual meeting of the SHIFT Project.

This meeting will be the occasion to discuss how the SHIFT eco-certificate can be part of wider needed changes within the field of climate justice, in a discussion with the Creative Carbon Scotland Director Dr Ben Twist, to get training from auditing partners Green Leisure Group to prepare for the external audit phase of the eco-certificate, and to facilitate opportunities to connect with each other and share insights on how implementing the guidelines has worked so far and ideas for the future.

About the SHIFT Project:

Climate change, gender equality and inclusion of minorities are key challenges for the rapidly changing world. Arts and culture have a recognised role in shaping societies and have the potential to significantly contribute to a better and more sustainable future for all as recognised in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The project SHIFT provides training offers for cultural leaders, working together and creating paths to face such global challenges. Implementing changes where needed and passing on the gained knowledge to leaders and staff members, of cultural networks and the broader cultural sector.

Learn more about the SHIFT project here.

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