Advancing the sustainability of cultural networks

Advancing the sustainability of cultural networks

The 25th ENCATC Congress "Click, Connect and Collaborate! New directions in sustaining cultural networks"  (27-30 September 2017) has among its ambitions to advance the state of art and promote new ideas and proposals on the major challenges faced by cultural networks today in Europe and beyond.

To tackle issues concerning networks, on 28 September in Brussels, the Congress proposes four parallel workshops

Four parallel worshops:


How do cultural networks adapt and navigate changing interpretations of governance-leadership? With intercultural perspectives, experts will explore best practice, common challenges, pitfalls, and the future of leading cultural networks. 

Speakers: Annick Schramme, ENCATC and University of Antwerp / Robert Manchin, Culture Action Europe / Njörður Sigurjónsson, Bifrost University


Who is re-thinking current business models for financing cultural networks? Which models go beyond financial sustainability? Experts will weigh in on innovations, traps to avoid, and outlooks for the future.

Speakers: Lluís Bonet, University of Barcelona / Sarah de Heusch Ribassin, SMartEU 


How can a network innovate itself and remain competitive? What are the value networks create for their members, the cultural sector, and beyond? Experts will share simple immediate steps for networks to measure, monitor and evaluate their significance. 

Speakers: Pascale Bonniel Chalier, University Lyon 2 / Fiona Deuss-Frandi, Creative Europe, EACEA / Gerald Lidstone, Goldsmiths, University of London 


Why internationalise? Is this the way forward for networks? Are there advantages to having a network of networks? Experts will debate expansion trends, the pros and cons of networks going global, and what this all means for the internationalisation and professionalisation of members in networks. 

Speakers: Alan Salzenstein, DePaul University / Jerry C Y Liu, National Taiwan University of Arts and TACPS 

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