ENCATC announces new collaboration with Julie's Bicycle for Earth Day

ENCATC announces new collaboration with Julie's Bicycle for Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day, ENCATC officially launched a new cooperation with Julie’s Bicycle, the leading international organisation bridging the gap between environmental sustainability and the cultural sector.

This new initiative is one of the tangible outcomes of the ENCATC Breakfast “Cultural Management and Environmental Sustainability” held in December 2017 in Brussels. With the expertise of Julie’s Bicycle, we shared practical ways cultural institutions, arts organisations, and cultural networks can become platforms from which to engage and inspire action on climate change. At this occasion, the participants have asked ENCATC to explore the possibility to play an inspiring role for the cultural and educational industry by collecting and sharing stories of arts and cultural organisations that have successfully design and implemented a “green action plan”.

Starting in April 2018 until the end of the year, ENCATC will share 7 exclusive articles from Julie’s Bicycle in a series called the Creative Climate Movement with the aim to empower our members, stakeholders and followers with cultural responses to climate and environment. Thanks to this cooperation ENCATC will be able to offer to educational and cultural operators in Europe and beyond a series of inspiring stories that should change our practices and allow us to transform our own office in a responsible environmental organization. 

The first published article is “Seven Creative Climate Trends: Artwork” by Lucy Latham. Each article will highlight a different identified trend: Artwork, Activism, Organisational Leadership, Design and Innovation, Collaboration, Path-finding, and Policy Changing.  

The collaboration with Julie's Bicycle is further development of ENCATC's Green Policy, launched in 2011 to help make the planet a brighter and greener place for all of us.

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