Official statement - ENCATC helps arts and cultural management refugee students (21/03)

ENCATC helps arts and cultural management refugee students

The situation in Ukraine has escalated drastically in the past weeks and we are now witnessing constant and vicious attacks forcing people to flee the country, leaving their belongings and normal lives behind.

Education is at the very heart of ENCATC, and we are devastated to observe the young Ukrainian generations confronted with big decisions to take at such young age. When they should be focusing on building their future through education and training, they are now forced to stop their activity and face a very uncertain future perspective, without a proper economic background.

From ENCATC, we understood the importance of giving immediate visibility to the conflict from its very start, fostering the cooperation and collaboration among all European cultural organisations and networks.

Today, 21 March 2022, we are moving from words to action to support refugee students on arts and cultural management and policy coming from Ukraine through the Thomassen Fund scheme.

This initiative is the ENCATC concrete contribution to the arts and cultural education sector and to the young generation that is particularly affected emotionally and financially by this war. In the occasion of the European Year of Youth, we would like to offer this as a contribution to the future and wellbeing of the young refugee students.

We are proud to be joined in this initiative by our partner the Association of Arts Administration Educators (AAAE). We count on you to help our young Ukrainian arts and cultural management and policy students through this dark time! Let’s show them they are not alone!


GiannaLia Cogliandro Beyens

ENCATC Secretary General