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THE NETHERLANDS: Caravan Cultura

Caravan Cultura CreArt Agency sets in place and introduces a brand new initiative DutchDesign4Hope, a post-pandemic structure for digital knowledge sharing, innovation, and collaboration leading to a final celebration at Dutch Design Week 2020.  This initiative tackles issues raised by Li Edelkoort’s proposed future World Hope Forum: sustainability, reinvention and innovation.

This post-pandemic initiative aims to develop a sense of solidarity through design, the solutions are offered by the design sector to solve problems faced globally. Another aim is that the initiative will facilitate the transfer of skills and mutual inspiration between partners. Caravan Cultura and Creascope (Ukraine) will partner up to expand post-crisis business development in the creative industries in the Netherlands and Ukraine. Creative industries in Ukraine lack emergency funding as provided elsewhere, yet the design sector has much to contribute in crisis times.

DutchDesign4Hope will unite Ukrainian and Dutch perspectives on the contribution a catalyzed design sector, which can create a brighter, more connected, healthy and outward-looking post-crisis future. It unites inspirational figures in the world-leading Dutch design sector with Ukrainian’s brightest established and emerging creative talents to respond to a need to share knowledge and inspiration digitally, inspired by a desire to remain outward-looking and to learn from international best practice. DutchDesign4Hope will address this by incorporating best practice and new perspectives from the Netherlands. Dutch Design is an internationally known concept, which could be applied in different spheres of our lives. Connecting Ukrainian and EU professionals digitally, creates a framework for further exploitation, collaboration and recognizable ways of working and base for future EU-Ukrainian collaboration.

DutchDesign4Hope partners will use the forthcoming months to create, disseminate and promote high quality and audience-responsive outputs for Dutch Design Week 2020 in whatever format it will be - digital, physical or blended form, will provide hope, ambition, aspiration, and raises the expectations that cultural cooperation and collaboration will continue. International collaborations have never been under so much pressure to deliver and prove their contribution to mankind’s challenges.

This project helps Creapro creative agency to develop new ways of working to support creative business and design in Ukraine at a time of need. It will bring Ukraine as a partner into EU discussions to see how design can solve global problems and promote creative solutions within post-crisis planning. Caravan Cultura with this initiative hopes to add design sector to the European Union’s policy toolbox to find creative, effective and transformational responses to local challenges in Europe as well as to attribute more value (and ultimately financial resource) to the design sector thanks to focus from EU.

SPAIN: Observatorio Cultural del Proyecto Atalaya. Universidad de Cádiz

Observatorio Atalaya of the University of Cádiz and 3Walks did a study on the profile of the cultural manager at the municipal level  and the competences related to this professional profile in Spain. 

 This research aims at identifying the general and specific competences required by the emergent profile of the municipal cultural manager in a context of change of the sector in Spain. That change is characterised by the increasing digitalisation, paradigm changes in cultural consumption, and  networking



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