PAXI Collective

How to connect Generation Z and world heritage?

Honorary ENCATC Member, GĂ©raldine Beuken wants to connect Generation Z to the richness and diversity of the world heritage through collective immersive experiences likely to positively change mentalities and behaviors. 

The PAXI collective is based on the dialogue between 2 different and complementary worlds: creators of multi-sensory experiences and cultural innovators.  It aims to imagine the cultural offer of tomorrow: an offer conceived as an immersive, participative experience , creating links, fun and driving societal transformations. 

PAXI activity will officially start in April 2020 with the launch of a dedicated site. The 2020-2025 theme of PAXI is "Immersion as a tool for preserving and enhancing African cultural and natural heritage". PAXI's activities are divided into 4 axes: 

  • Sector Studies; 
  • Prospecting; 
  • Promotion-Networking; 
  • Research & Development.

The idea for the PAXI collective came out of the 2019 ENCATC International Study Tour to Morocco. In addition, PAXI's activities will interest ENCATC members at cultural institutions and museums, but also universities and research centres.


How to connect Generation Z and world heritage?