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ENCATC and the European Commission’s Communication Strengthening European Identity through Education and Culture

With this new document, ENCATC wishes to openly welcome this important Communication and at the same time share the view point of its members, educators on cultural management and policy in relation to this important message from the Commission. In its statement, ENCATC applauds the Commission's Communication and at the same time, proposes its key recommendations for three of the Commission's proposals. 


Brussels Manifesto on Arts Management, Cultural Management and Policy Education

This document is intended to be a tool to reflect the shared values of three major networks: ENCATC, AAAE and TACPS who represent a collective of arts and cultural management educational networks from Europe, North America and Asia. Furthermore, it aims to advocate on behalf of the work of their institutions, and articulate what is possible with a progressive and innovative approach to arts management, cultural management and policy education.


ENCATC response to the public consultation on the Europe 2020 strategy

The Europe 2020 strategy was launched in March 2010 as the strategy for promoting smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The strategy is the basis for political decision making such as funding decisions, but unfortunately until now it does not include culture as a driving force for Europe. In order to make the voice of academics, researchers, and cultural managers and operators heard ENCATC has prepared its response to the EU questionnaire. 


ENCATC response to the EU Programme Creative Europe

ENCATC's response to Creative Europe demonstrate's the networks strong support for the programme and addresses specific concerns, raises suggestions, cites other possible outcomes, and asks for further clarifications.


ENCATC response to EC Green Paper on Culture and Creative Industries

ENCATC’s Green paper on culture and creative industries puts forward 5 key points that addressed: “Unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries”, “Cultural diversity, the digital shift and globalization as the main drivers for the further  development of CCIs” and the importance of “Putting in place the right enablers”. ENCATC’s response explains the relationship between art and business, questions the conceptual framework of the Green Paper, demands for clearer definitions, and talks about the changes implied by “going digital”.

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