Management of cultural organizations and (heritage-based) economic development in Latin America

Research Interest Cluster:


  • Jaime Alberto Ruiz-Gutiérrez, University of Los Andes, Colombia
  • Ana Lucía Recaman- Mejía, Universidad La Salle Cuernavaca, México

About this RIC: 

In Latin America there are various cultural management programs oriented to cultural studies, academic programs related to the management of cultural organizations are scarce. Under this vision, the different meanings of art and culture should be subject to administrative practices to make tangible the ways in which this symbolic resource creates value in our societies. With this general principle, this RIC will be open to the study and development of research in the different topics in which Cultural Management has been structured in more global contexts. Understand cultural management from a systemic perspective, accommodating topics such as: Cultural Policy, Cultural Heritage, Strategy, Planning, Marketing, Copyright, Impact Measurement, Indicator Designs, etc.

In Latin America, it is necessary to develop business models linked to the development of cultural organizations, starting from a systemic analysis of the territory, which houses a great heritage and historical and natural wealth. The general objective of the RIC is to develop a methodology based on the systematization of said heritage, through the creation of companies, to trigger economic and social development, generating greater autonomy in the communities.

Research Interest Cluster:

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