Florence Eymery

ENCATC Trainee: January - March 2006

Nationality: French

Activities Trainee

Working for ENCATC was a wonderful experience that I will always remember as one of my happiest periods of training. I am lucky to have always worked for ideas and projects in which I deeply believed, ENCATC being one the most exciting ones. Working with people all over the world to promote education, arts and culture, organising meetings in countries where you had never been before, experiencing new tasks and prerogatives... what an opportunity!

I want to thank Secretary General, GiannaLia Cogliandro Beyens and all ENCATC members for all this, with a special thought for Giannalia with whom I shared the office the work and the smiles.
Not only is Giannalia a pleasant and fun person to work with, but she was also a mentor to me, she helped me reinforce my skills and qualifications, always there to explain and guide.

Since my traineeship, my passion for music took over and I returned to study to become a professional musician.

ENCATC Trainee: January - March 2006