Iulius Armand Hondrila

ENCATC Trainee: February - May 2003

Nationality: Romanian

Activities Trainee

I was with ENCATC for three months, as a trainee in communication and policy monitoring. This was my first "European" work experience in Brussels, after having graduated the Master in European Studies in Leuven. I felt great there, in a small, but stimulating environment, surrounded by such wonderful and enthusiastic people! It meant a lot for my future "European career", as it was a first hand experience of the modus operandi at European level. Previously, I had studied Philosophy in Bucharest, Romania and International Cultural Studies and English in Roskilde, Denmark. In 2004 I started a PhD at KU Leuven. 

ENCATC Trainee: February - May 2003
The jury of the award and our two winner of the 2nd ENCATC