7th ENCATC Working Group on Evaluation

Maastricht, Netherlands

Evaluation of International and European Transnational Cultural Projects - Preparatory Meeting

About this meeting

This Experts’ Group meeting on 15 March 2019 in Maastricht, The Netherlands is a preparatory meeting that will build on the progress achieved from previous meetings in Brussels, Potsdam, Manchester, and Antwerp. It is taking place at the occasion of The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) and will be a preparatory work to the ENCATC seminar that will be held in March 2020. 

The main goals of this meeting are twofold:

  1. To exchange among the participants on existing evaluation methodologies used by Arts fairs, cities and regions to better understand the impact at city level of the Art fairs in their own territories. Exchange among the participants on profiling, satisfaction survey, qualitative approaches currently used by the Arts fairs and the evaluators appointed by cities and regions and better understand the audience of the Arts fairs.
  2. To prepare together with the participants of the meeting the draft agenda of the Conference that will be organized in the framework of the ENCATC Evaluation group in Maastricht next March 2020.

This Working Group Meeting Programme will be on 15 March from 13:25-16:00. There is additional programming is planned for the morning and late afternoon, but will be accessible to those also registered to whole "TEFAF preview day". 

The meeting is intended for: representatives from Arts Fairs in Europe and beyond (e.g. staff in charge of the evaluation and/or collection of data); representatives from cities or touristic offices in charge of the collection of data and/or evaluation; academics; researchers; members of the ENCATC Working Group on Evaluation; and EU officials.

TEFAF champions the finest quality art from across the ages by creating a community of the world’s top art dealers and experts to inspire lovers, connoisseurs and buyers of art from everywhere. Established in 1988, TEFAF is known for its unsurpassed vetting and for producing one of the world’s leading art fairs: TEFAF Maastricht. Behind the scenes, a key factor that sets TEFAF apart is its higly-selective vetting committee and standards.TEFAF acts as an expert guide for both private and institutional collectors in a global art marketplace. Since 2003 this includes the publication of the annual TEFAF’s Art Market report that provides aggregated data and insights on the global art market. 


The ENCATC Working Group was created to share evaluation experiences of transnational cultural projects and networks subsidized by EU and improve methodologies as well as to identify rigorous indicators for successful cooperation and share them with EU and international organisations.

Evaluation has become a more and more crucial matter for public authorities and professionals in cultural field. Several ENCATC members are involved in the evaluation of European projects subsidized by Creative Europe, Erasmus+, Horizon 2020 or other transnational programmes of European Commission. They have to develop methodologies to help arts and cultural managers to implement the evaluation process. At the same time, several European networks are looking for best practices on evaluation and monitoring. Upon several occasions they have expressed the need to create a space for exchange and mutual learning. The European Commission is also working on finalising its own evaluation policy for the Creative Europe programme. The feedback from the beneficiaries and cultural experts is very important for the finalisation and validation the EC’s work. All of these factors are contributing reasons for the need of a working group on the evaluation of international and European transnational projects.

On 25 October 2016 in Brussels, ENCATC held the kick-off meeting for its Working Group “Evaluation of International and European Transnational Cultural Projects”. Participants included representatives from the European Commission, national institutions, universities, European networks, cultural institutions, and consultancies from seven countries. The Working Group is led by its chair, Pascale Bonniel Chalier, a member of ENCATC from the University Lyon II in France. 

In 2017, ENCATC organised two more meetings: 

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7th ENCATC Working Group on Evaluation
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