Why become a member?

The more active you are the more you will benefit from membership.

All ENCATC members enjoy the following benefits:

By joining ENCATC you will have the opportunity to: 

  • Develop and update the curricula, models and teaching methodology in your programmes in relation to current trends and perspectives in Europe and beyond
  • Validate your knowledge and results with other colleagues
  • Find suitable partners for your ideas and to develop international projects
  • Explore the rich European and international practice in cultural management training and learning
  • Promote your own training programmes around Europe and beyond
  • Gain Free access to the ENCATC Annual Members’ Forum
  • Have free access to professional trainings (ENCATC Breakfasts) offered quarterly
  • Receive 30% discount to attend all our learning opportunities (e.g. Academy, International Study Tours)
  • Receive 30% discount to attend the ENCATC Annual Conference and Research Session
  • Access the ENCATC online international bibliography including at date more than 1600 references
  • Borrow or consult books from the ENCATC Office library in Brussels
  • Receive one-year subscription to our quarterly magazines
  • Receive one-year subscription to our monthly PRAXIS magazine for students and young professionals
  • Receive weekly updates (ENCATC Flash) in the field of cultural policy and management on publications, helpful toolkits, mappings and strategy papers in your sector, opportunities for partnerships on projects and research
  • Enhance your organisation's visibility outside your own country by joining our labelling programme
  • Influence the European policy on culture and education by engaging in our policy development
  • Link education with placement opportunities thanks to the Marie-Claire Ricome ENCATC Traineeship Programme for students, staff, trainees, apprentices, volunteers, youth workers and young people.
  • Receive a mobility grant to attend our events (Thomassen Fund)
  • Promote your activities and your work by publishing in our magazine, on our social media channels, newsletter (ENCATC Flash) or by attending our events
  • Gain in self-confidence by having more supporters and colleagues throughout Europe and beyond
  • Create friendships together with partnerships
  • Have more fun and enjoyable days in your own professional life

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